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filled with her fingers

her backyard bloomed

in evening’s dim emotions

her lips widened with awe

at the sight of modesty

the colors presented

she was honestly surprised

yet pained because of

those humble shades that

perfumed the air all the way

to the deepest layers of

her unbound heart

thoughtless, expressionless

she sat like a perfected sculpture

waiting to be touched by warm skin

while the sun drank the last of her sight

and sunk betraying her intoxication.

rain wind.

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soft chilly cushions passed me

so close they appeared

as if facing a lost friend on his way

i met the rain wind returning home

carrying a grey sky upon himself

a sober face warmed by a tender smile

his eyes so solemn and earnest

humbled by the weight of moisture

he turned towards east

glancing sideways at times

picking up a stray cloud here and there

like a stormy warning when seen from afar

yet through windy kisses all along

he kept convincing me of his persistent song

his intentions creeping deep into me

with silhouettes of life forming upon his frame

i was alone yet i felt not thus

wrapping a cloak of nature’s breath

this feeling which all along swept

my feet becoming lighter and lighter

my heart beating softer and softer

i realized how deep my bonds were

to the sky above my chest and

the whispers of an unknown beyond.

below the grey.

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thousands of statues carved

beneath a grey lifeless sky

standing witness to cowardice

of a lifeless artist’s hands

the loud screaming of

an impudent hell above him

can be heard across the courtyard

acid falls from above

his blood drains away into the dark

shadows that will crystallize his worth

still stand unmatched

a pitter patter of life resound

peacefully as the holy bell chimes.

art’s breath.

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soft whispers of tender clouds

white landscape filled with eternity’s footsteps

the dust that settles over a hundred books

slowly, steadily by means of eyes and hands

a stubborn heart transforms

constantly nullifying all reasons of minds

a forbidden path opens to the sky

colors being mere ways to the place

its creation that steals the breath of life

pouring it over an empty note

an orchestra of lines and nodes

even shadows attain life of their own

a space that rests in the recess of existence

human or not it is there alive

only for a wind to uncover the secret

from what was so diligently hidden

all along the formation itself and beyond.


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carved but a part of this world

a remarkable presence infinitesimal

rhythms that still can be heard

patterns that lead to a place so still

reasons stop their dreary feet

senses can no longer pretend

a phenomenon arises in silence

unlike anything that was ever felt.


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love’s undeniable forms

its mysterious undertakings

coiling a heart on verge of itself

as if a magical syrup colors a sky blue

its rhythms so soft, so consistent

such painful yet overwhelming happiness

of being alive, its essence fluidly fulfilling

all depths, all heights, all air tainted in its play

hardly recognizable transparent states

constantly making one continue to live

continue to be overjoyed by the presence of another

childish wants, pleasant smiles, all forms magnificent

partake a self that would otherwise be lost

in the loneliness of this black universe

where a few stars ignite the path

how far away our existences

yet such a beautiful net of love’s

tying us to safety, to avoid the torments

of being in the unknown, where nothingness reigns

love’s whispers reinforce what

none others could.

carelessly said.

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a little word carelessly said

yet does time really save carefully such noise

a vibration of an emotion unconsciously felt

does it really end up where it truly belongs?

there swings the second hand.

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if i hold one and let the other be free

i am afraid i have but half of you

this tender world of dreamy state

i walk on clouds even while awake

how love swings my heart so wild

i have you now yet i have not enough

i keep tracking your eyes stubbornly with mine

wherever you look i wish to be a part of it

like a canvas loving her artist i

am fond of just your pair of eyes

the swings of time, as the clock ticks a rhyme

my hand that’s loose holds my chest so tight

to be a part of you, yet not so much i am scared

i am blessed and yet i am cursed all the while

love’s breeze can be rough sometimes

i am in love yet hate who i become

the moment i feel i might lose your love

i lose myself along with you.


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on the edge of emotions

on the verge of pain, the very end

where all happiness turns black

i want to know the depth of that abyss

how deep it can take me as i drown

in rivers of tears falling into that place

where the world turns blur to my eyes

and my heart stops to beat.

fire tendrils.

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a thin tendril of flame stretches its arms

the black smoke of city lights rise

one can see the soft orchestra put on

far off in a silent presence of a lonely night

a desperation for survival ignites

a longing for salvation, released into vacuum

regrets pouring put into a form of heat dying

dispersing again and again, struggling

an endless massacre of thin strands of fire

deaths so subtle that it ceases to please

yet an agonizing will wars against

a swift midnight breeze perplexing

its drama as ruthless as wild brutal weeds.

a long lost night.

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in dreams i chant

a dreamless night

that place of warm comfort

surrounded by the sounds of rain

lit by a thousand candles

reigning in his arms

a long lost night of myself…


his voice.

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his breathing heard over the phone

that deep contempt for self i heard

such strong emotions ruled my soul

a conversation that dragged its feet into the deep night

thronging into my mind hammers of past

so heavy, yet desperate his grasp of me

over the thin and unseen wireless air

that zest for self devastation deepening

i could hardly contain the content in my palms

amid his constant murmur into emptiness

those complaints that were muddled yet overflowing

there was an ugly form of tenderness hidden

always waiting to be answered i could hear

his seeking voice thrown at my ribcage

as if screaming out to hold my hand

wanting to be sucked into my warp

tie me down to sink with himself.

where pain lies.

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i wonder where pain lies

where the origins touch the heart of earth

the core of the soul when shaken so

where does the heart rest

somehow words pour forth when

a pinching pain fills someone

so hard it becomes to breathe

its impossible to begin to mourn

that’s when the words they happen to come

lure the fears out of their place

tears flooding an empty space

all complaints drain onto a withered page.

counting raindrops.

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falling from the sky

falling off then from the tips of life

glistening with a kind love of nature’s smile

the soft green that fills the eyes

one can only drown in this bliss

that season that sparkles just once every year

leaving behind its nourishing tears as if

nothing else can heal an earth better

life’s fluids replenished

all creatures attain a lively attire.

on birthdays.

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someone smiles for you

just for your well-being

someone’s there to remember it for you

adding importance to your existence

tender emotions spilled across this day

this one day that fills so much joy

to have been born

to have been healthy and well so far

it reminds one of everything in the past

and fills all hope for a future

you meet friends who love you

your family that showers you with gifts

wishes from one and all and its all so meaningful

the depth of the blue sky deepens

and our eyes become kinder and softer that day

since our heart’s been touched in or the other way

we feel grateful, happy and contented

even for a little while the world turns beautiful

and we seem to recognize our preciousness

within its humble womb.

far, so far.

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lonesome souls tend to wander far

seems like a river on plateaus flowing as if

seeking refuge, or answers maybe

dried hearts seek just mere light

all movements seem quite the same

all faces seem mundane and yet

somehow a tiny prim rose may bring a smile

a broken tree bring tears and

someone unknown might seem familiar

eyes that root into such a heart

seem to carry the very last drop of life

as if on the edge of the world

their vision see away from the world

although almost being a part of them, they are not

closer yet far, so far they seem to passing glances

as if these are flames not to be ever touched

they may not be warm, neither cold, they are alive

although they are not ones to be felt

just there to exist alongside things

engulfed in a calmness gratifying

mortifyingly pure and filled with meanings

words never spoken, thoughts never opened

like closed envelopes allowed to fly into an abyss

pieces of echoes that never reflect

one can never touch these souls, never understand

their reasons, purposes, everything so curtailed

its like looking into places that

never really existed.


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so warmly wrapped a silent morning rose from my garden

the surprising melody of transformation

from a deep abyss to heavenly heights

a night opened its heart to sky light

the longingness that stirs one almost

can be heard alongside the whispers of the leaves

wherever the feet go they seem to bloom flowers there

such a delicate happiness surrounds a misty soul

slow disappearing clouds hesitate

the rays of a sun tenderly dissipate

causing the heart to ache for a moment there

why is this world so pretty for an ignorant kind

so much compose a mere breath, its overwhelming

to know how much bliss can be found in nowheres

life smiles in simple corners disguised.

dark palace.

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in a dark palace
endlessly dark

a solemn thought
permeates the air

someone might get lost
if they wander too far

the simple principles
of the unknown lurk

one can ruminate in peace
without any sound

the composure it offers
can be scary in the deep

when the darkness have lasted
for years so long

for it may eventually erode
the reality of this world

and make it seem like
there’s dream and that’s all.

eyes behind eyes.

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that piercing stare engulfing my mind

at all times there lies a blatant sight gripping my back

those cold and critical eyes that cleave my empty self

trying to find the pain in me to rejoice itself

i wonder to what extent your sadism shall thrive

i am standing here in bold passion just to see your surprise

a sense of fight that lacks words and actions both

we war against our egos, our madnesses, our eventual goals

this deep hatred for the existence of each

we deprive ourselves a calm belief

silently enduring in the same state of mind

a massive composure and a tender conscience

we affect each other to extents that only we might ever grasp

and yet why is it that we mutely suffer this distilling process

our rudeness engulfing all reasons one by one, we know

that we may never become friends and yet

we struggle to force

our own self upon another, waiting to be torn

anticipating sadness and a never-ending fight.

moist words.

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as water scribbles on a slate of dust

on the edge of a sill

seated with expectations

blankly staring into a blur distance

covered in a feeling so warm

although yearning to be consumed

in moist misspelled words

of a rainy sky far away from mine

dark and dull, a gloomy grey fills

my little room and my mind within

i can hear the sounds

the crashing of pearls

the hush of the garden and

the lulls of the breeze

as i slowly collapse in a deep engaging thought

sinking into a sleepy maze

forgetting my words

my returning way

slipping into rest

in the arms of nature’s

blissful embrace.


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